It all began in 1946 when leather craftsmen possessing high-skill and technical-acumen were employed to hand-stitch the iconic Mars Jackets – an essential step towards filling a gap in Australia’s newly found motorcycling culture. Fast forward three-quarters of a century, and now Mars Leathers has grown to become an affordable and trusted brand that manufactures and retails all types of high quality motorcycle apparel. Taking on an innovative and elegant approach, your safety and comfort is our number one concern.

Mars Leathers has previously manufactured leather and kevlar protective clothing for Victoria Police and Ambulance, and for various local clubs. We specialise in all sizes for both male and female leather and textile jackets, pants, gloves etc. We also do custom works, repairs, alterations and much more. So grab one off-the-shelf from our wide range, or come speak to our tailors to have your dream moto-apparel custom made.

Don’t ride? Due to our products being light and comfortable, many of our jackets are also worn by fashion enthusiasts.